Board of Directors

We couldn't do what we do without the help of our Board of Directors. We're proud to have assembled an amazing group of people who are incredibly passionate about helping others.


Tom dermody | founder/president

Field of Dreams was founded by Tom Dermody in 2004, after he saw firsthand the impact outdoor adventures could have for special needs kids, and the men and women of the armed services. More information about how Field of Dreams came to be can be found here.


bruce montgomery | Vice President

A Field of Dreams board member for nearly a decade, Bruce Montgomery first became involved with this organization after helping out at the annual fishing day held for kids with special needs. According to Bruce, "I've seen firsthand what a difference a day in the field can make in a veteran's or kid's life. And contributing to this cause has become a part of who I am." 



Jennifer Matteoli | Treasurer


Aileen Dermody | Secretary

A founding member of Field of Dreams, Aileen has been an integral part of the team since the beginning. "I loveseeing the impact we have on people's lives, both in the short and long term. Talking to people at each event, and hearing how we've helped enact change in their lives; it's an amazing feeling." 


Brett Gomes | Board Member

Brett has been a part of the Field of Dreams team since its inception, and brings with him a wealth of experience with the outdoors and passion for helping others. "I believe we need to show our veterans the great appreciation we have for them and the sacrifices they've made. It's amazing to see the veterans start to relax when they're able to escape and be outdoors with our team."


Casey Thurman | board member

A Field of Dreams board member since 2013, Casey first became involved with the organization in 2010 when he was asked to lead a duck hunt. Like many, after seeing the impact these outdoor adventures had on the participants, he felt compelled to do more. "Field of Dreams changes lives. I love to take my knowledge of the outdoors and share it with these deserving individuals. They get a lot out of being able to escape the battles they're facing, even for a day. By going out on these trips with us, they're reminded that their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed; this in itself brings great pride to all of us."



Mike Parisio | Board Member 

Mike's first involvement with Field of Dreams came when he offered his property as a hunting ground for an event. "My family and I love the outdoors, and this organization gives us the chance to do what we love, and help those who might otherwise not have the opportunity to go on these sorts of trips. It's been a pleasure to meet all the different people and hear their stories. It's truly been an honor to give back."



Matt Dermody | Board Member

Although Matt is our newest board member, he's been involved with our organization since 2004. Because of this, he's seen Field of Dreams continue to grow and flourish, which has been an extremely rewarding experience. "This cause is incredibly important to me. Being able to provide these experiences for our veterans, after all they've done for us, is extremely rewarding."


Mat Garcia | Board Member