Part of the reason we're so passionate about the work we do here at Field of Dreams is the amazing, heartfelt feedback we receive from the incredibly deserving individuals who get to participate in our outdoor adventures. 

Below are some recent testimonials we've received.


Field of Dreams gave me a unique glimpse into the people of the great state of California, and what veterans mean to them. This was not just an exercise of dollars and access. These folks were genuine to a fault, and they could not do enough for us, their guests.

AUSA-GLAC will continue to seek out and sponsor wounded warriors to participate in hunting and fishing adventures with Field of Dreams.
— Paul Mock, VP Soldier & Family Programs/GLAC
This event served as a learning experience for our daughter… for the first time she began to realize that life is what you make it, and no matter how bad the odds are, there is always a chance. Most of all, she learned that people care, and the world is full of good people.
Field of Dreams is a great organization. Tom and Matt are both very experienced hunters and guides. I’ve gone on a couple of hunts with their organization, and every time I go it’s a great experience. I met a lot of people and made some good friends. Keep doing what you guys do! Thank you.
— Paul Nguyen

I cannot thank Field of Dreams enough. Not only was it the experience of a lifetime, but also a great release from my daily trials. The work you do for vets is an inspiration to all that are touched by it. With my deepest gratitude and sincerest appreciation for the opportunity you gave me, I salute you. Keep up the good work.
— Trampus Dority, Veteran

I can assure you that Tom Dermody, Field of Dreams and the supporting families, companies, and individuals, make it about you. I found the entire event to be absolutely humbling.
The people who volunteer for this foundation live to get the warriors of today back out on the water and in the woods. This is the real deal.

This adventure is not about a handful of wounded vets going hunting; it is about Americans quietly opening their homes and hearts to the boys and girls who have done the nation’s bidding. It’s one thing to hear “support the troops,” it’s another thing altogether to experience that support.
I’m a Marine Corps infantry veteran that served in Iraq and received two purple hearts in the city of Ramadi during my tour. Field of Dreams was gracious enough to choose me to go on an elk hunt in Canada. One of the biggest issues of veterans suffering from PTSD such as myself, is the daily thoughts and memories of the tragedies of war. Field of Dreams offered a welcome break from that. Not only do they connect veterans from different armed services to talk about their experiences and give advice, but we also make friends for life. The thing I enjoyed most was that it was almost a vacation from our issues. There’s something about having a focus of something you love, like hunting, that eases your mind and makes you forget about your daily struggles.
— Trampus Dority, Veteran

Thank you Field of Dreams, for enabling our daughter to share in an experience that many take for granted, and for welcoming us into your family.
Tom and Aileen are the founders of this organization, and have surrounded themselves with like-minded people who feel the same way they do in regards to helping others.
It meant a great deal to me to be able to join such a close friend on this hunt… The relationships made on this hunt will last a lifetime. Truly a great experience. Thank you Tom & Sonny, I’m proud to know both of you.
We look forward to helping this organization in any way we can, and participating in future events. Our support goes not only to Field of Dreams, but to their sponsors for being so generous and willing to donate resources to help those less fortunate.

Returning our veterans who have serious emotional and physical injuries to environments where they can fully participate in what they love is important. Field of Dreams is one of many groups organized and supported by community patriots to support our veteran population as they return from war, and re-enter mainstream America. To the organizers and donors who support Field of Dreams, I offer my sincere appreciation and admiration for what they do.
— Paul Mock, VP Soldier & Family Programs/GLAC

Not a single detail was overlooked when it came to accommodating the special needs of every child present. Our family has never felt so welcomed by an organization, or have we witnessed people so dedicated to a cause... it was truly humbling.
Your organization is truly a blessing. Everyone treated us like family. Thank you so much, we can’t wait to be part of another event!
This event went way beyond fishing in terms of what it offered our family; our daughter realized that she is not alone in being different. She witnessed children overcoming insurmountable odds, recovering from a wide variety of illnesses and physical disabilities. She witnessed people who weren’t afraid of being different, and were full of self esteem. She witnessed parents and people who care so much about helping others that they put their own lives aside to help others, and saw the joy on their faces when they were able to do so.

I was privileged to be one of your guests at the 2013 Warriors in the Wetlands hunt. It was such a special weekend, and I’ll never forget the folks I met there. It was the greatest therapy I’ve ever felt; the great outdoors!
— Jeff Gilmet
As the parent of a child with a rare genetic disorder, my family was honored when asked if we’d be interested in participating. We didn’t know what to expect, but Field of Dreams hosted a world-class event that made our daughter feel so accepted and happy, that we were beside ourselves.
AUSA-GLAC provided airfare so that Justin Crabbe (a veteran wounded by an IED explosion), & his father Cliff could travel to and participate in a duck hunt. Cliff later relayed that this event was one of the best adult weekends he’s ever had with Justin.
— Paul Mock, VP Soldier & Family Programs/GLAC
Tom and his foundation are masters in generating second and third order support for his activities, and the good people of the Sacramento River Valley certainly rallied to support the Warriors in the Wetlands event I attended.
Without exception the guests were thrilled to have been invited, and amazed by how well they were treated. The needs of the warriors were met and exceeded during every minute of this trip.

I have lifelong friends, and am proud to be a member of the Field of Dreams family.

When I was asked to go on a hunt in California with ‘Fields of Dreams’ I was overwhelmed with emotion. To be given this opportunity to hunt California for black tail deer and hog was exciting yet to go with this group of guys was an honor! We had 3 FULL days of hunting and we took advantage of every minute as soon as I got off the plane. (Even though I had a 4 year old named Cooper next to me using me as a pillow and kick-toy) Tom and his wife Aileen picked me up at midnight in which we had a little over an hour drive back to my hotel and were starting the hunt first light. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep due to my excitement so I just laid there playing it over and over in my mind how it was all gonna go down....but things change.

They picked me up and we drove out to Bear Valley to try and get me a hog. Brett and Matt were my guides for the day as we hopped into the new Polaris Ranger that only had 3 miles on it so far and began our hunt. I’m sure they were wondering to themselves “do people from Kansas ever shut up?” I was in awe with the beauty of California and the area of lands we were hunting on. We chased hogs and saw deer, watched and laughed with Mike as Brett called a group of turkey right up to us. Saw quail and Hollis’s roadrunner almost every time we came down the trail through his territory. I had ups and downs with the hunt and not just from walking up and down the terrain and glassing the area for deer (right Mike, we won’t talk about that LOL) The entire time even with all the joking around between all of us Matt, Brett and Mike showed me nothing but a skill and professionalism and taught me so much along the way! I was lucky enough to harvest a really nice 3x4 (7point) blacktail and words can’t describe the feeling of adrenaline and excitement from the hunt and kill!

Already I am a proud part of a Brotherhood called Army Veterans and now along with ‘Heroes Hunt for Veterans’ I can add these new brothers and sisters of ‘Field of Dreams’ to that Brotherhood! They will always be close to my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. I can never thank them enough for the opportunities they have given me!